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TThe Elderlife Real Estate Team is here to help you with 5 different Real Estate Solutions. We recognize selling your home or the home of your loved one can be overwhelming. Elderlife has removed the stress by identifying, vetting and partnering with the top Senior Real Estate Specialists across the country. If you’re across town or across the country we are here to assist!

Contact the Elderlife Real Estate Team today to connect with the nearest Senior Real Estate Specialist in your area! 888.228.4500 or complete the form below and one of the team members will contact you.

Brian Melton white-space Brian Melton
Elderlife Real Estate Team Leader:

  • Licensed Real Estate Broker since 1992

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Chris Andrews
Elderlife Call Center Manager and Real Estate Specialist:

  • Over 20 years of banking, mortgage and real estate experience
Joe Goelzhauser
Elderlife Real Estate Specialist:

  • Licensed Real Estate Agent in Maryland